16th August 2022

PC's Upgrade of safeguarding software – system re-boot required

Dear Colleague,

You’ll be aware that the College utilises a specialist safeguarding IT software on all College-owned devices, including desktop PCs and laptops for both staff and students. This specialist software is central to our Safeguarding Strategy and is seen as best practice within our sector for the protection, safety and wellbeing of students and staff, when online.

In order to keep the College protected, the IT team is deploying a newer version of the software, and as part of the install process, all devices will require a system re-boot. This will happen automatically and randomly over the next few days. You may be prompted to re-start your machine. Please make sure you are regularly saving any work you have open, to avoid any loss of work in progress.

The deployment will be pushed out to all devices currently on site, as well as to those connected via VPN. Any staff member who is using a College laptop at home and do not connect via VPN, would need to bring their laptop onsite and re-boot, for the software install to happen.

You should experience very minimal disruption, but if you do have any problems, please contact the IT Service Desk to let them know and they will work with you to resolve.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we deploy this key online safety and security measure.